Kelly Noah

Global Internet Banking Redesign

Categories: IA, Prototype, Requirements, User Research, Wireframes
Completion Date: December 1, 2010

Through my work at HeathWallace, I was a Senior Information Architect on a Global Internet Banking Redesign for one of the world’s largest banks. The work on this project is proprietary, so I am only showing small portions of the work accomplished. Please get in touch with me to see more.


This bank has a global presence and a variety of different systems in use around the world. Their aim was to build a single system that could be used in all the countries in which they operate. From a user experience perspective, this meant developing an experience that would satisfy users from a vast variety of markets, while negotiating the demands of the different countries who would use the system. At times, our business stakeholder group numbered as high as 60+ people.

I worked on this project for 2.5 years and owned the payment and transfer-related functions within the system – a dream opportunity after working on Finabler previously. I also owned several other functions within the system, and worked collaboratively with my global teammates from HeathWallace to ensure that what we each produced would act together as one coherent and consistent system.

Example of a payments wireframe
An example of a payments wireframe created for this project.


It’s difficult to describe a typical approach for the project, because depending on the function I could be working alongside a group of stakeholders in a room who are coming up with their very first draft of requirements (sketching high level interfaces for group agreement as we go), or I might be handed a requirements document and asked to design what it described. Much of what I worked on was usability tested extensively (from paper prototypes to full html/css/javascript builds), giving me extensive feedback on what was and wasn’t working. I was often invited to observe the test sessions so I could report back to my team and even iterate the designs in between sessions.

Payments & Transfers landing page
Wireframe for the payments & transfers landing page within the system.


The key functions in the system went through several rounds of design iterations, based on feedback both from key stakeholders and global usability test outcomes. We had laid the groundwork for a very solid system that would provide a consistent experience to the bank’s customers across the globe. I cycled off the project near the end of 2010 and the project was put on hold in 2011 because the bank wanted to focus its efforts elsewhere.

Despite this unfortunate ending, I learned a lot:

  • My passion lies in solving highly complex problems in transactional systems
  • I relish user feedback, and particularly saw great results from our iterative test sessions
  • It makes sense to test or research the appetite for a new idea first, before building the new idea and trying to make it work
  • How to present my work effectively to a large group of diverse stakeholders
  • Consistency is very important, but it is equally important to consider context before applying the same solution

Currency Calculator Default
Currency Calculator Filled
Currency Calculator Result
A currency calculator designed for the system

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I’d be happy to show you full user journeys that were designed for this project. Please get in touch with me to see more of this work.