Kelly Noah

Mobile Branch/ATM Locator

Categories: IA, Mobile, Prototype, Requirements, Wireframes
Completion Date: April 15, 2012

As part of MB’s website redesign, we wanted to streamline the mobile branch locator so that users could search for branches or ATMs from the same interface.


MB already had a good mobile-optimized site with key pages accessible, but their branch locator was split into two separate journeys to search for ATMs or branches. We agreed it would make sense to combine these so users could search for branches and/or ATMs all at once.


MB requested that we take their new and improved branch locator and recreate it for their mobile site. I did an informal competitive review of other mobile branch and store locators to get a feel for how the journeys are typically laid out, and sketched out ideas for MB’s mobile locator with that in mind.

Once I had settled the journey, I created a prototype in Axure that simulated the touch screen interface, and presented this to the client. After a quick round of revisions, we were ready to go.

  • mobile_loc_1 mobile_loc_1
  • mobile_loc_2 mobile_loc_2
  • mobile_loc_3 mobile_loc_3
  • mobile_loc_5 mobile_loc_5
  • mobile_loc_6 mobile_loc_6
  • mobile_loc_7 mobile_loc_7
  • mobile_loc_8 mobile_loc_8
  • mobile_loc_9 mobile_loc_9


The new mobile branch locator maintains the full functionality of the full locator, but is optimized for a mobile touch screen interface.