Kelly Noah


Categories: HTML/CSS, Prototype, User Research, Wireframes
Completion Date: June 1, 2007

PerShop is a Persian Rug business my team invented for our E-Commerce class at DePaul. The team consisted of 2 HCI specialists, a database person and 3 programmers. Throughout the quarter, we wrote a business case for our idea, defined our audience, defined the requirements and conceptual design, worked on detailed design, and programmed the front and back-end of the website.

Below are deliverables that I had primary ownership of for the PerShop site – I collaborated with our other HCI person on Information Architecture and wireframes, and another team member for the User Profiles.

Information Architecture

pershop site map
PerShop’s information architecture. (click to view full version)

General User Profile

People both new to Persian rugs and seasoned veterans

Interests: Fine Furniture and Art, Antiques, Rugs

Gender: Male or Female

Martial Status: Single, Married, Domestic Partnerships, Widowed, Divorced

Age: 29-70

Education: Some college or advanced degrees

Vocabulary: 10 Grade reading Level or Better

Computer Skills: Novice to Expert experience with Internet Explorer, Google, etc. Access to the web with a 56K or better modem, preferably DSL or cable modem

Income Range: $60K+

Physical Constraints: Not a issue

User Scenarios

John and Jean Smart are newly married yuppies living on the north side of Chicago. Jean is a Lawyer and John is a doctor. They have an affinity for the finer things in life. They have an interest in antiques and fine furniture. Their combined income is well over 150K and their free time is very limited. They recently moved into a new townhouse in Lincoln Park and would like to purchase a Persian rug.

They recently purchased and new PC for their home and it has a quick DSL connection, so perusing the web is not a problem. Their favorite search engine is Google. They on average spend about twenty minutes online at a time. Mary is sort of a worry wart, she requires a site that has been hacker tested and a nationally know credit card verification system.

They have spent some time looking for a Persian rugs in brick and mortar retailers, but as of yet have not found a rug they liked, so they decided to take their search online. The dimensions of the rug they want are roughly 5 X 8 feet. They are not sure for what to look for in a new rug so they need to be educated on the options in purchasing a Persian rug. During a Google search, they find and find a whole educational section on what to look for in new and Old Persian rugs in respect to style, construction and age. Jean is the boss of the family finds that the new flat-weave traditional rug was to her liking. So she went into the traditional new Persian rug dropdown and selected the 5 X 8 foot rug that she desired. She paid for the rug and had her shipping insured. She spent twenty minutes online.

Roy Lane is a single male bachelor with quite a Persian rug collection already. He is in the market to get his mother a Persian rug for her 65th birthday because she has always admired his collection. He is an appraiser at an auction house, so he already has a good idea of what he is looking for. Cost is not a factor in his purchase.

He has a new laptop and he uses it home and away on trips. His home has a wireless network, so perusing the web is not a problem. He often uses Google to find antique deals on the internet. After many successful online transactions, his concerns about online security have been allayed, however he still prefers to buy from retailers with a professional web presence and a design sensibility that he feels he can trust.

Roy knows that his mother’s house can accept an 8X10 foot rug. Through Google he found a new site that stocks a large inventory of antique rugs from a variety of regions. Roy is able to search for rugs by region, style, size or color, and decides to look at what is available in the Khorassan region, as he has always admired their rugs. Jerry spends about an hour poring over the different rugs and reading their descriptions, including where they were acquired and their weave type and condition. He eventually settles on a dark, lush colored rug with an incredibly detailed floral pattern. Roy is assisted in his decision by information on screen linking to specifics about carpet maintainability and weave strength, and he bookmarks this information to eventually send his mother. Roy is able to insure his purchase and send immediately to his mother’s house for her birthday. His task took about an hour and a half.


PerShop home page
PerShop shopping cart
PerShop wireframes – Home page, and Shopping Cart. View all the wireframes here (PDF).


View the prototype site here. I programmed the front-end HTML and CSS, and my classmate served as visual designer. The back-end integration is not included in this version.